4 Common New Blogger Mistakes

on Friday, 10 November 2017
New bloggers often make the same painful mistakes across the board.

Few newbies are immune to the 4 mistakes listed below.

If you own, address and correct these errors you can cut your blogging learning curve by months or even years.

Note; these mistakes are common among the struggling veteran blogger set too.

Own these errors and remedy these blogging boo boo’s to change your course.

1: Paper Chasing

Chasing paper - blogging mainly for money - is the most common and damaging new blogger mistake.

If you don’t make money as a newbie - and nobody does - you lose your motivation to blog.

Paper chasers blog from a fear-based energy, making it impossible for them to see clearly enough to learn blogging, to study blogging, to practice blogging, to create helpful content and to build strong connections by promoting other bloggers.

These people want to reach the finish line without running in the race.

Blog mainly to have fun. Blog your passion. See money, traffic, comments and social shares as bonuses, or extras.

Fall in love with the process of studying and practicing blogging to build the framework for a successful blogging career.

2: Not Building an Email List

Build an email list from day 1 of your blogging career.

Avoid the common mistake of depending on folks to bookmark your blog to get blog traffic.

Some lost, confused new bloggers actually believe people will find every one of their posts through Facebook or Twitter. Maybe this dream could come true in Fantasy Land but if you live in the real world start building a list right now.

Growing your email list makes it easy for readers to get your latest posts delivered directly to their inboxes. List building is convenient for you because you can boost your blog traffic and profits at the click of the mouse, even as a newbie blogger.

When 5, 10 or 100 people sign up for your list you can reach 5, 10 or 100 people in a split second. Not a bad way to grow your blogging community.

3: Changing Topics with the Wind

New bloggers tend to change topics with the wind.

You know what I mean; the new blogger who blogs about whatever seems to be on their minds. These non-committal folks try to be a Jack of All Trades and of course, master none.

Do yourself the ultimate favor; be a specialist, not a generalist.

Specialists succeed online and offline because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

People who devote their lives to one craft become super skilled in that area. Ditto for bloggers who focus on one niche.

Pick a niche you feel passionate about. Cover that topic inside-out through all of your blog posts. Send a clear message to readers that you are a specialist in one niche. Specialists become respected authorities in their niche.

4: Trying to Do it All on Your Own

Do not even bother trying to do it on your own.

This typical newbie blogger mistake manifests as years of struggle and eventually complete online failure.

Most Lone Wolves quit blogging altogether.

Help other bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Promote other bloggers. Make friends. Friends help friends, promoting them, endorsing them and hiring them, as well as buying their stuff, boosting their blog traffic and profits.

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  1. This is great, Ryan! You are right. Blogging for money, especially as a beginner, is completely wrong. Unless you go viral in the first week, there is no one to earn any sustainable income in the first months. However, if you work hard and for a long-term, you can slowly grow your blog and earn more from it. And that's the best way to secure passive income. And yes, if there is a possibility to work hand-in-hand and network with other bloggers, it is advised to do so. Thanks again for sharing.