Power up your phone with the IFTTT app

on Friday, 1 September 2017

Download the IFTTT app and unlock Applets that work with your location, notifications, photos, messages, reminders, and more. Available on the App Store and Google Play!
Download the app to unlock more Applets
When you add IFTTT to your iPhone or Android, you get a little extra magic:

1. Connect additional services that work directly with your device. Android or iOS photos, iOS Health, Android battery, Android SMS, and iOS Reminders are just a few of the most popular.

2. Run Applets that work with your location. Track your work hours, notify people when you're close to home, stay accountable with your gym visits — there's a whole world of Applets that work with your device's location to help you get insights into your time and manage it efficiently

3. Turn your phone into a totally customized superpowered remote control with widget Applets. These special Applets run only when you tell them to: with a tap on a button, by writing a quick note, or taking a photo on your phone.

Download the free app for Android or iOS today, and start getting the most out of IFTTT.
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