4shared review 2017/2018 - Best Online File Storage

on Friday, 29 September 2017

Complete review of 4shared - the best free online file sharing service

4shared is a web-based file-sharing service that gives storage space for music, video and photo data files. When creating for an account 4shared can provide individual users with 10-GB of online space for storing. Having said that, files stored by registered users with free accounts are removed in the event that you do not sign in the account for 6 months.

All 4shared users can take advantage the “backup files” feature. Backup online services are extremely significant in recent times.

4shared can provide guarantee that your particular data files will be secure. Your photos, documents, music, for example will remain unharmed.

Reasons which hopefully will harm data:

  • unexpected Internet 
  • disconnections;
  • electricity problems;
  • broken computer;
  • accidentally deleted info.

All of these factors can’t harm your data files once they are guarded by 4shared.

Yet one more way to solve this simple backup of data files online is 4shared Sync. Soon after setting up of this brilliant app you only operate with your “My 4shared” folder just like other PC folders as well as keep your files generally there. When Internet is directly connected they are simply importing to all of your 4shared account and not only backed up but additionally synchronized (it's possible to access them from any other personal computer with Web connection 24/7).


  • Robust safety and security features
  • Firewall features
  • Password protection
  • Scans for malware and virus


  • 2 GB file size limit
  • Monthly bandwidth limits on sharing features
  • Cannot setup custom made access permissions

Features of 4Shared

1. Back up with 4shared

Uploading data files to 4shared it's possible to expect that you’ll access them at any place at any given time after and that your entire files will remain safe and secure. 4shared online data backup gives you probably the greatest online backup services.

2. Back up along with 4Sync

With 4shared Sync you’ll back up files right after incorporating them to your ‘My 4shared’ folder. Just wait a couple of minutes and your entire data files will certainly be uploaded to all of your 4shared account. Working within “My 4shared folder” if you 4shared Sync set up automatically backs up your data files and folders.

3. Back synchronize

After setting up of 4shared Sync application it's possible to expect that your particular files will certainly be not only backed up, but also synchronized between different computer systems or perhaps even devices.

4. Premium backup

Premium 4shared registered users can anticipate even their own deleted files being backed up. Therefore, they are unable to worry about the security of their data files.

How To's

How to back up files online for free of charge?

The simplest method to back up files online at no cost is to back up all of them with 4shared. You can be rest assured that all your data files will be secured safely if loaded to 4shared.

How to back up and sync files at one gulp?

The most simple technique to integrate and back up files online at no cost is to back up all of them with 4shared. It's possible to install 4shared Sync application and operate with all your data files within “My 4shared” booklet on your personal computer which should synchronize in addition to back up data files automatically.


4Shared can make thing a lot a lot simpler for online users who definitely are always trying to find applications that assist them to download a great number of videos, pictures, music as well as documents beginning with the internet. Using this quick program, the user can certainly work online and save a large number of files without the need for uploading challenge. From file sharing and file saving to photo uploading and video downloading, this powerful application can take the user all over the world of communication channels. It has been made for all kinds of desktop operating systems ensuring that all users can certainly download it and start to get access to all the necessary data files.

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