How to rotate ads - Advanced Ads

on Monday, 28 August 2017

Rotating ads WordPress plugin -  Advanced Ads

Ad rotations are a simple yet effective method to test different ads and also to show multiple ads within the same position using your website.

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There are 3 methods to rotate ads:

Method Description Plugin
Ad rotation on each page impression Show a different ad each time the page is loaded using ad groups. Advanced Ads
Ad rotation with a slider Rotate ads as slides on the current page. Slider Ads
Ad refresh on the same spot Loads the next ad automatically after a certain time. Advanced Ads Pro

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Ad rotation with random ads

It's possible to let ads rotate on the same position by using an Ad Group.

Ad groups bundle different ads. You can make use of an ad group as adjustable as any one of a kind ad in widgets, with a shortcode or via a positioning. The greatest advantage here is that it's possible to add new ads to this particular group on the fly with no need to change almost anything in the position.

Creating an Ad Group

You find the comprehensive instructions in the guide book for ad groups. Listed below are the steps to create an ad rotation to put it briefly:

  • head over to any ad edit page and build the group in the Ad Groups box in the right sidebar
  • head over to Advanced Ads > Groups to create the group options
  • choose Random Ads group type
  • set the Number of visible ads to the number of ads which should show up simultaneously (works extremely well to create ad blocks)
  • set the weight of each ad to discover the opportunity of an ad to appear

Weighted ads

Particularly rotating ads to test a new ad network you probably will not want to display it with the similar wide range of impressions clearly as the default ads, but maybe with fewer views. Here is where the ad weight can be a great help.

The weight could be described as the chance of an ad to appear. Ads with the same weight have the same chance to appear in a rotation as time passes.

In the following illustration, Ad 1 and Ad 2 possess the same weight. This could bring about a 50% for each ad appearing.

Ad #1 10
Ad #2 10

Whenever you want to show Ad 2 only half the time that Ad 1 appears, you could possibly create an weight similar to this:

Ad #1 10
Ad #2 5

Converted to percentages, this would result in Ad 1 to appear for 67% and Ad 2 for 33% of impressions.

In case you have further concerns regarding the ad rotation, then it is recommended that check out the manual.

Ad rotation with a slider

The ad rotation with a slider can easily be completed by using the free Slider add-on. You may be able to find all info on how to put it together on the add-on page.

Refresh ad on the same spot

You also have the ability to refresh the ad on the same spot by using the feature in Advanced Ads Pro. See this tutorial to find out more.