How to follow the rules, cover your back

on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Following the rules, cover your back

Have you read the PPH Engagement Rules yet? It’s always a good idea to know where you stand in case of a dispute.

You can find the full PPH T&C’s here and below are the Rules of Engagement for Job delivery:

• Always ask for clear Job requirements upfront.

You can only meet the Buyer’s expectations if you receive a clear brief. Make sure all the Job requirements are provided in the Workstream before you get cracking with the task at hand.

• Provide regular updates.

Even if the Buyer doesn’t ask for them, you should provide regular progress updates and record any changes to the brief in the Workstream. You must also respond to all Buyer’s queries within 1 working day and the Buyer is obliged to do the same.

• Stick to deadlines.

It’s extremely important that you deliver the work on time either defined in your Hourlie, or agreed with the Buyer upfront in the Workstream. Failure to do so will impact your PPH ranking.

• Avoid cancellations & refunds.

Sometimes things don’t work out and we understand that, but quality is of paramount importance to us. If a refund or cancellation is requested because the Buyer is unhappy with the final deliverables, you will be penalised and your rankings may decrease. You have the right to provide at least 2 further iterations before the Buyer raises a complaint.

• Raise an invoice when the Job is done.

You can request the payment, including the release of funds held in the Escrow Account, when the task is completed. The Buyer must pay your invoice within 7 days.

• Keep it on the platform.

The temptation to take the project or the payment off the platform may be high, but you should bear in mind that: a) we can’t protect you if you’re dealing outside the platform, b) as a result of the violation of PPH T&C’s, your account will be suspended or deactivated immediately.