How to use the best practices to write your proposal on PPH

on Monday, 7 August 2017
Using the best practices to write your proposal on PPH

There is no one recipe for success when the talk turns to proposal crafting. It’s a knotty affair. Yet, there are some foolproof tactics that just work every time.

How to write a winning proposal?

1. Apply early.

Buyers tend to review the proposals in the order they come in. If you manage to get your proposal in early, your chances of being chosen increase significantly. Use the Saved Search Alerts to keep tabs on new relevant Jobs.

2. Be relevant.

You might be an exceptional writer but if your portfolio mostly features logo designs, then applying for content creation opportunities will prove to be fruitless. Bidding for Jobs that match your skills will give you the best chance of success.

3. Take budgets with a pinch of salt.

Obviously, budgets are there for a reason. Don’t go too cheeky when quoting your price but don’t stick to them blindly either. You’ll often discover that Buyers aren’t sure what budget is reasonable and are quite flexible if they find the right candidate. Focus on communicating the value you can add.

4. Leverage similar work experience.

Sharing similar samples of your work is the best proof of your expertise. Include relevant links and screenshots or simply direct Buyers to your up-to-date PPH portfolio.

5. Tailor & personalise your proposal.

Yes, writing proposals can be a bore, but there’s nothing worse than a generic message. Buyers see through that right away. Take the time to respond to all requirements mentioned in the Job Description and to demonstrate how your experience relates to that particular Job. Make the effort, get the deals.

6. Price realistically.

As a newcomer, you might be tempted to offer a lower price than you would usually work for. It’s an OK strategy to get your first Job, but be careful about underselling yourself: time after time, Buyers value quality over price. Make sure your price reflects your skills and expertise - being the cheapest option is NOT a sustainable strategy.

7. Manage expectations.

It’s incredibly easy to over-promise when you’re in a race to win the Job. Over-promising and under-delivering is probably the biggest disservice you can do to your reputation. Poor reviews, unhappy clients and refund requests will follow, which will in turn damage your PPH ranking. Make sure you manage expectations early on.