How To Root Your Android Phone

on Thursday, 13 July 2017
The latest release of root apk is available for download for all Android versions.  Here we will see how to root this new firmware update on your Android phones. You can root Android Jelly Bean firmware easily on your device. You have to perform the root process again because root access will remove during a new firmware update then only you can run apps to ask root permission.

Now you can root with the root packages mentioned in this tutorial. To perform the root process want to flash a small .tar file with ODIN tool. But, before starting the process backup all the data from your phone memory.

How To Root Your Android Phone

Rooting Information:

Once your device is rooted, you will get a void warranty. You can apply this official firmware update to reclaim the warranty. Install the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store to check whether it is rooted or not.


This tutorial is only meant for Android Version, not for ios. So don’t try this guide in any other Ios device.

You have to follow all the instructions mentioned here. Else we will not be liable for the damages.

Download Poot Apk

First of all, backup your data to recover the lost data easily.

Use SMS, MMS & Call Log Entries & Restore App to backup your SMS and Call Log. Then use the Android default backup option to back up your contacts and settings. Then copy all the images, videos, songs and files to internal or external SD card. Back up the WhatsApp Messenger manually and then go through the path given below to backup APN and MMS settings.

Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Keep at least 80% battery on your device, else your device may turn off during the installation process.
To save an IMEI number and other important data, you have to backup your EFS Folder.
The USB driver has to install on your PC for Galaxy Note 10.1.

Ensure that you have enabled the USB Debugging to transfer files between your device and your system.

This article uses ODIN utility. It is only for the Windows OS. For Linux and Mac OS use Heimdall, a cross-platform tool.

Now just open the poot apk in your Android and run it.

It will ask for ministroII app install. Just do it from this official Google play link.

After updating the library it will ask for superuser option.

Just go with it and reboot your Android device.

Volla now your phone has been rooted.

Now your phone got new and you can use it to the fullest without any restrictions.