How to Track Bluedart Couriers Online

on Friday, 18 March 2016

Track Bluedart Couriers Online

There are many courier service providers in India. Most of them are not very advanced in technology stand point. A few of them are migrating and adapting to new technology, however. For Bluedart, there is an exclusive Bluedart tracking site which allows you to seamlessly track status of your couriers. All it needs is a click of a button.

Alternative ways to track

It is not just limited to one way of tracking. There are several different ways in which you can track.

Step 1: Go the official website and find the 'Track and Trace' section.

Step 2: Now you can track in two two different ways. One is through the tracking or consignment number. And the other is through ref number. Anything gives you the same result but you need to choose one based on your availability. (You can find either of them on the bill or receipt).

Step 3: Enter those digits in the given box and click on the enter button. It should probably display the status details of your package.

Step 4: Sometimes it can display an error message when their servers are down. Don't worry and just try again few minutes later.

End Note

In conclusion, i want to say that technology is really revolutionizing the way we perform our day to day tasks. Without this technology and internet boom, we will still be pawns in the hands of commerce monopolies. With the surge of eCommerce sites, we are actually have a lot of options to choose what to buy and where to buy.

Courier companies like Bluedart, eKart are actually helping them to delivery anything to our doorsteps. When was the last time you have actually bought clothes from a brick and mortar store? We should be really thankful for these advancements.


  1. Good article. Always i Use this link to track my blue dart courier