How to Manage Your Documents Efficiently on a Mobile Device?

on Friday, 4 December 2015

With the rising popularity and use of mobile devices, document management assumed a totally new shape. Dealing with documents on a mobile device is very practical, especially for people who are always in a hurry. However, most people have doubts when it comes to document management mobile apps. They might not be of the same quality as desktop tools, and the technology they were built on may not give the same results as desktop tools. Regardless of that, you can still give some mobile applications a spin and maybe get surprised by how some of them can make your life easier- at least the document management part.

Managing Your Documents Efficiently on a Mobile Device

There are possibly thousands or at least hundreds of mobile apps for document management and even if you want to check out some of them, you may give up because searching for the best ones is time consuming. That’s when tips like these may come in handy.

Since document editing is a crucial part of document management, the apps that perform such actions will probably be the first to search for. To be able to edit documents, sometimes you’ll need a PDF conversion tool to convert PDF documents to editable file formats. Of course, there are a lot of PDF conversion mobile apps but not all of them are of the same quality. One such app is PDF to Word, developed by Cometdocs.

It is totally free and very easy to use. Once you open a PDF, click the share button and access the app from the Open in menu. Then open the converted document with any type of MS Office application and you will be able to edit the document.

What distinguishes this app from other similar apps is its ability to convert scanned PDFs as well. In addition, it doesn’t have file size limits and the number of files that you can convert is unlimited. Since the app has a lot of users, you might need to wait a bit longer than usual to get the file. In case you are impatient, you can buy a lifetime subscription and skip the possible conversion queue.