4 Tips to Select a Solar Panel

on Friday, 18 September 2015
When you are reading this article it is for sure that you know that solar panels can convert the sun energy into electricity and you can use it to run your home appliances. By doing so you will save a lot of money and in the long run, you can also reserve the resources. In the present scenario many solar power companies are selling solar panel kits to cater to different requirements. You can select one for the cheaper and easier installation and as an alternative to home energy.


The cost of your solar panel depends on different things like its size, brand, durability, cost and watts and click here  to get more information. As an informed customer do not forget to check the warranty period and other certifications of the panel. It is not a wise decision to select a solar panel entirely based on low-cost. Most of the low-cost appliances do not provide desirable services, click here  to know more. Low-cost panels are not durable and they may not be the perfect one for your location. Government agencies are giving rebates on the purchase of such panels. The payment you or making deserves a certain limit of warranty also.


The durability of your solar panel is important. If your solar panel has 10 years or more warranty years, then you can expect that it will provide sufficient power to the grid it is connected with. You will get the best value for your money within these years and if you are using your panel with a complex system then consult an expert and use a robust panel. A complex system requires good quality solar panels which you can get from reputable companies.

Moreover, you can get the warranty until the company is working on the market from which you have purchased this panel. So it is important to purchase a solar panel from a company which is operating in the market for long and has a formidable reputation. Do not do business with the mediators and try to purchase the product directly from the company because you will get the direct service. You can get instant response when you will contact these companies and they will also fix the problems if you encounter any.

Watts and Size

Nearly all the solar panels depend on watts and size. How much watts you are going to use this will determine the physical size of your power panel. You are supposed to discuss it with the solar company executive of http://sempersolaris.com/ as how much power you need to run your home appliances. On the other hand you are also supposed to finalize where you will install your panel before making any purchase deal.There are different types of solar cell classifications; Monocrystalline silicon is considered the best. By using this they make the smallest solar cells and the smallest solar cells will end up making smallest panels which will save your space also. And at the second number, there is poly-crystalline silica panels which are also effective. Thin-film or amorphous silicon on panels are least effective solar cells. You can consult with the executive ofhttp://sempersolaris.com/to decide as which is the best panel?