Windows 10: The Quick Review

on Thursday, 30 July 2015

 Windows 10 Quick Review

Windows 10 was released yesterday. Congratulations to Microsoft

Did my upgrade to windows 10 and all went well and it was super easy. Nothing super amazing about it though.

Windows 10 Review: Overall, its a good experience using Windows 10. There were a few graphic related hiccups with nVidia GPU users but they played quickly and released a driver for it and now the graphics are vivid.

I must admit that Microsoft has played a good part with Edge. The UI of Microsoft Edge is good and non cluttered.

If you are upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, then you will have a high time understanding the new and confusing settings of 10. However, if you have been using 8, 8.1 earlier, it shouldn't be a problem familiarizing yourself with those settings.

If you are not an advanced computer user, then I recommend to stay with your current version as you are prone to encounter bugs and errors. If you have a habit of getting solutions from Google like me, then you shouldn't have a problem with Windows 10.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5