FireChat now allows private messaging without network

on Friday, 31 July 2015

FireChat, the messaging app that you can send messages without a data connection. We all know Whatsapp, Line and Telegram, and many other messaging applications, but a new option by FireChat where you do not need internet connection for sending messages.

 FireChat now allows private messaging without network

Open Garden is responsible for that FireChat. This private messaging system offline is now available for those users who are looking to communicate without having to rely on the data coverage and Internet Mobile phone.

But FireChat messages travel from sender to receiver user? It is very simple, the application creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and WiFi P2P, thus being able to transmit information between devices that are within about 60 meters away. This network increases in size as a growing number of users by FireChat, since messages "jump" from device to device until the recipient.

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FireChat private messages are encrypted from the beginning to the end of the transmission process, which are only the sender and receiver have access to content.

With this system of messaging we say goodbye to traditional networks, giving way to a system in which users operate as direct recipients do not need to rely on data rates to communicate.

Of course, we keep in mind that the speed sent also depend on the number of people making use of FireChat. According to notes from the company, in a city where 5% of the population had their mobile application installed, the message delivery time would be 10 minutes.

The application is free, but we must not forget that it has many rivals in the market. We have to wait to see if the immediacy of other applications can with FireChat, or if on the contrary, the fact of not having to rely on Internet takes this app to be among the most used.