Fasting Rules During Ramadan For Working People

on Saturday, 27 June 2015

A good Muslim abides with the Ramadan rules as well as goes on well with his daily office chores according to shariah. However, there are some simple rules to keep yourself active at work place during Ramadan.

Work During Lunch Time

Ask your employer that you will work during lunch time and leave early in evening. Else you can also take a short nap in your lunch break after prayers to feel energetic for the rest of day.

To Avoid Thirst At Work

To prevent thirst at work, drink a lot of water or fruit at suhur time so that you will be hydrated during the day. This will also avoid tiredness at work place.

Avoid Useless Talks

If you have many friends in office, it is quite likely that you will always love talking to them whenever you are free. However in the holy month of Ramadan avoid these long chats. This will not only make your fast makruh (spoil) but will also drain out your energy. So to be productive at work avoid chats.

Avoid Late Shift Or Night Shift

Since you have to wake up during night for suhur and complete night prayers, so you can request your employer to adjust your timings for day during the month of Ramadan. If you are always dedicated for your work, your boss will definitely allow to you work during the day.

Avoid Gossip

If you find free time in office, dedicate this time for prayers or read Quran online (since proper care would be taken to carry Quran to office) rather than indulging in gossip and wasting this month of blessing. This is one of the simple rules to follow at office during Ramadan.

Have Patience

If you are fasting during Ramadan while working then show patience. If any of your colleague tries your patience and makes you feel irritated, be calm and have patience. Tell him that you are fasting and you can't argue.

Don't Sleep

To avoid sleepiness during Ramadan at work, sleep well after fajar prayers. Doing this will not make you tired and sleepy at work.

Arrange For Iftar

If many other employees are fasting along with you, then you can arrange a place in your office such as a canteen place for breaking fast (iftar) together. You will get more blessings in the month of Ramadan if you invite others for iftar.