How a Dedicated Server can improve your website's SEO?

on Saturday, 30 May 2015
Can a dedicated server really improve your website’s SEO?  This is a question that is often asked and rarely answered correctly.  There are many different factors that affect a website’s SEO ranking, one of which is the site speed.   Serious website operators who wish to maintain the best possible page rank & SEO in general will benefit from a dedicated server.   

Dedicated Server & Website Speed 

Google and several other search engines have added website speed (or average load time) to their list of parameters for judging a website’s rank.  While the site speed only accounts for a small percentage of the ranking (1% in the case of Google), that is a very large percentage to lose for something so simple.  Dedicated servers ensure faster speeds for your website by decreasing load times and offering more dedicated resources for the website.  Virtual solutions share resources and this can cause slow load times especially at peak hours.  
Utilizing a dedicated server will give your website its own set of resources to work with and isolate it from other user’s issues.  This provides numerous advantages to your website and will increase your websites speed and decrease loading time in general.  Dedicated server providers, such as Prolime Host, can offer these solutions at a much lower cost than initially expected, particularly with the recent advances in hosting technology.  All of this results in an improved speed ranking and this better SEO for your website. 

Dedicated Server, Dedicated IP 

Dedicated servers offer dedicated IPs by default.  This means your website will have its own dedicated IP address not shared with other users or other websites.  While Google and many other search engines rank virtual and dedicated sites the same, there are some occasions in which having a shared (virtual) IP can be detrimental.  This is particularly true if another website using the same IP as your website commits an offense such as spam or adult content.  This would cause a negative impact on your page rank / SEO. 

Having a dedicated server with a dedicated IP ensures that your website will not run into issues caused by other domains on the same IP and this has a positive impact on your page rank and SEO (indirectly).  It is also a preventative measure to ensure your page rank / SEO are not affected negatively by another website’s actions. 

Google and other search engines do not negatively rate virtually hosted sites with shared IPs however the risk to the website owner is the same.  As a website grows it will require more resources and more bandwidth in general.  Utilizing a dedicated server ensures these resources will be available for the website and thus maintain the speed and keep the load times of the website down.  Virtual / Shared hosting does not offer this advantage and can cause bottlenecks or slow speed as a website grows.   

The reasons mentioned above demonstrate that a dedicated server is ideal for hosting any SEO sensitive website.  Choosing a dedicated server with a dedicated IP instead of shared hosting ensures a stable environment for your website and increase speed which results in better page ranking and page SEO in general.