Tips on Selling Unwanted Items

on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

With trends and technology rapidly changing, it is no wonder that we accumulate so many gadgets and other belongings that we no longer use. Most people enjoy shopping and go shopping every time there is a sale, but they do not even wear the clothes they already have in their closets. Your home can start to get cluttered and look messy with all the extra stuff you have lying around. Getting rid of the things no longer can free up some space in your home, while also giving you some extra money. Here are some tips on selling unwanted items:

1. Clothes

Often times we buy clothes that still have the tag on them, and after a while it becomes obvious that they are never going to be worn. There can be multiple reasons for this, for example, the clothes might not fit as well as you would like them to, or the colour may not suit your skin tone. Whatever the reason is, the main point to remember is that they will only take up space sitting in your closet. If you buy clothes from high end stores, such as Aritzia or Holt Renfrew, you can make a lot of money by selling the clothes online.

All you need to do is sell the clothes for about ten or twenty dollars less than what you paid for them, depending on how much the particular item of clothing cost you. If you are not keen on selling clothes online, you can try going into used goods stores that will buy your clothes and sell them onto others for charity purposes. Usually, you will get a better rate if you sell them online; as if you go to a store they will try to offer you significantly less than the retail value. With all the extra money you make, you can go get a massage, or anything else that will be relaxing.

2. Electronics

There are new versions of cell phones being released every few months, and it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can never keep up with the current cell phone without spending hundreds of dollars. You may also like to regularly update your laptop, computer and other electronics. Electronic devices are always in demand, especially used ones, as people try to get a good deal on used electronics. If you bought a new computer because your old one broke, you can look up computer repair Edmonton, on the internet and find a company that will repair it for you. Once it is repaired, you can sell it off to someone else and make a bit of money from that. Similarly, if you have a phone with a scratch on it, you can get the screen replaced and sell it on sites such as Kijiji.