Recovering call history on iPhone

on Friday, 26 December 2014

How to recover call history on iPhone?

Registration or call history is an important function of any mobile phone in which important information of dialed, missed or received is saved. Although this is a simple function has an associated high importance. For example, it is much easier to call someone from the registry. Second, thanks to this feature, you can easily access your missed calls. Basically, the function call log keeps a list of all the numbers you have called or from which you have called even if you took the call.

For iPhone users, this kind of information in the call log is of utmost importance. However, you can always delete it accidentally and thus losing all data stored on it. This can occur if the user clicks on error in the "Recent Delete" option or due to factory reset the device or, in most cases, damaged. In these cases, the call log can be crucial, especially if not kept on the agenda a contact. In that case you already have reason to find the easiest ways to recover call history on iPhone. We hope you enjoy the following ways to recover a lost call history iPhone.

Effective ways to retrieve a call log deletion iPhone

1. Backing up iTunes and iCloud. 

Both iTunes and iCloud are simply storage services in the cloud that provide support for iPhone users. In them you can make backup your iPhone data including notes, call log, or anything else important. If you are someone who constantly update your backup from iTunes and iCloud, the problem of how to recover deleted calender from iPhone without much complication has no mystery to you. Simply connect to iTunes or iCloud, login and restore the registry calls your iPhone from the backup. Your history and call logs will be immediately updated to your iPhone and you will get all your dialed, missed or received.

2. Software to restore call logs iPhone - Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone

Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone is a product that has been created just for the users of the Apple iPhone. Since no one is safe from accidental deletion, this tool will help you recover call history on iPhone. If you release the phone, you suffer an accidental reset, factory reset, update or upgrade, you can trust this software to recover all your deleted data from your iPhone, including call logs, notes, memos and more.

For iPhone users who do backup of your data, this software useful. If you deleted by mistake call history from your iPhone or lost your data due to a system error, you can always recover lost calls on iPhone using Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone. Without any difficulty, this software retrieves data directly from your iPhone and updates instantly.

Moreover, if you use the iTunes Backup to store additional copies of your call log and accidental loss of it occurs you can always restore the call log on your iPhone immediately. However, for this software called iPhone recovery work properly, make sure your device is not synced with iTunes Backup, as this could cause complete loss of data.

Other features offered in this shareware:

  1. You can preview any data you want to recover before starting the process of retrieving iPhone call log. Basically, you can view your call history before restoring.
  2. It comes with an interface of the most simple and easy to use making it affordable even for the less familiar.
  3. The software is not limited only to iPhones, but IOS can be used with other devices. It is also compatible with other operating systems like Windows or Mac among others.

It is easier to prevent accidental deletion of data, however, thanks to the various services and software as the Recovery of Data for iPhone, iCloud or Backup iTunes can prevent the loss is complete, whether the call log Your iPhone or other important data contained on your iPhone.

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  1. iPhone Data Recovery for iPhone could help you recover lost iPhone data by extracting from iTunes backup file, and it's very easy to use. Have a try!

  2. Alternatively, just try Joyoshare call history recovery software to recover lost or deleted call history from iDevice directly, iTunes backup or iCloud backup at a ultra fast speed.