The Necessity To Undergo Wordpress Plugin Testing Before Launch

on Thursday, 26 June 2014
Software testing is really important but a lot of people do not even understand what this is. To make everything really simple, software testing is all about 2 processes:
  • Verification – is the software working as it should?
  • Validation – is the software built properly.
Verification is important as it allows developers to be sure that everything would go well while validation will guarantee that the work done is done properly and well implemented. The exact same thing goes for Wordpress Plugin testing. It is really important to understand that a CMS plugin is basically the same as software.

Why Wordpress Plugin Testing?

In the event that you are involved in a project that uses blogs, there is a pretty good possibility that you need some sort of Wordpress plugin testing. At a simple interaction point, this will make sure that your plugin will do exactly what you want it to do before it is rolled out through your company.

Every single person or company that commissions the creation of a plugin, no matter how complicated it is, needs to actively include testing in the plan. The developers should never be trusted to perform testing. It needs to be the responsibility of those that can test in a really accurate way. The developers cannot be blamed in the event that the plugin is not satisfactory, if requirements are not clear or if they are incomplete. This is actually the very first part of testing.

When Is Plugin Testing Done?


High quality plugin testing is similar to software testing by Bug Finders and will basically be with you for the entire development phase. This basically means that you should perform testing as soon as possible. One thing that you may not be aware of is that the testers can even work with packages that are incomplete in order to guarantee fast corrections would be carried out without having to spend a lot of money on it.

At later development stages, various corrections will be necessary but if they are the same that could have been identified in the beginning, costs would be higher. The most expensive fixes appear when the plugin is finished. Too many believe that this type of testing is just for the end of the project. This belief does lead to a lot of money being wasted.

The developer is responsible for delivering a plugin that is fault-free. That is sometimes not possible due to various factors but it should be the main aim. Testing every single code piece separately is necessary. That tells you exactly what the result will be when executing code when some conditions are met.

Testing basically has to begin as soon as possible. Everything mentioned above is also a necessity for other types of testing like:
  •    Component testing
  •    Requirements testing
  •    Integration testing
  •    Performance testing.
Testing is important for absolutely any type of product or service that you plan to offer, including . You need it in the modern project when computers are involved since you want to be sure that potential shoppers will receive exactly what they paid for. A failure to do that can lead towards a huge financial loss for the company. It is not something that you want to be faced with.