List of Most Stunning Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

on Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Galaxy S4 is the most anticipated Smartphone from 2013 Samsung. It is the latest Smartphone device from Samsung including full HD screen of 1080p, with improved optics and camera. The increase processing power turns the device into powerful Smartphone functioning object. The physical appearance doesn't make much difference from S3, with almost the same size and similar polycarbonate body. The noted difference is a bit thinner and has lighter side. Having introduced the latest features turn the device is truly stunning and turns the phone as the most wanted gadget from Samsung. 

1. Smart Pause

The Smart Pause feature is wonderful feature from Samsung available on S4. This feature enables the user to pause the video without touching the screen. It is based on the senses technology available on S4. If the user is looking away from screen, then the video pauses automatically. This is one of the great features of S4. The video again resumes when you look back to the screen.

2. Smart Scroll

The Smart Scroll is really a smart strategy technology. The feature lets user to scroll without touching the screen actually. IT works on the technology of senses of wrist and face movements to scroll the pages. This is very easy and excellent feature experience on Smartphone.

3. Air View

The Air View allows the user to interact the screen without touching it. This will be a great advantage to operate while eating. The feature enables the user to move pictures with hand by sliding over it without touching. Enjoy a great sensing experience with your Smartphone without touching.

4. Dual Shot

The Dual Shot is another incredible feature available on S4. With this feature the user can record videos from both cameras as well of your Smartphone and at the same time layering video input from front camera on top of video input coming from rear camera. The user can also capture photos from both cameras at a time.

5. S Translator

The S Translator is the bonus feature for Samsung lovers. If the user receives mail written in Chinese or Contains Spanish characters? The S Translator converts SMS messages, chatON IMs and emails from 9 different languages to English. +It also converts the voice input too, when the other person is telling in other language. With this feature the user can go or spend time in any unknown place. The S Translator helps save from language problems.

6. S Health

The S Health is another wonderful smart feature and a constant companion. This feature monitors the walked distance, burned calories and what have you eaten etc. This is truly important feature for the people who want to maintain the health with nice strategy. The special sensors will record the external humidity and temperature level to help the user to decide how far to push in the heat.