What benefits does the Video Marketing?

on Tuesday, 18 March 2014
Currently, given the abundant supply of content on the network, the video is moving up as one of the main elements in the marketing strategies. Today is key because users consume information, a brief look and quality content and offer it better than in this more visual and memorable support.
The use of Video Marketing does not involve any additional cost to the company, the only equipment required is a camera or video photography, a lot of initiative and creativity.

How to create a strategy for Video Marketing?

  1. Ask a good idea and agree on the goals we want to achieve our strategy of Video Marketing, decide what content we'll see in the videos, and how we are going to present. Once the action plan we wrote the script attached.  
  2.  Record in HD and edit the material , do not forget to include the company logo, attractive graphics and reprimands.
  3. Optimize and disseminate the final product through social media to get feedback with customers , visibility and good organic positioning.


What benefits does the Video Marketing?

1. Genera confidence in users

The video is an element that builds confidence because the more human side of the company and products shown and / or services offered in such a way they are, no transparencies. This reliance on user generated significantly improves the online reputation of the brand or company.

2. Capture user attention

The video is a tool that manages to generate a high retention rate among users is a very viral tool that arouses interest and interactivity encourages users and getting them to share with their closest circles.

3. Achieve better search engine positioning

Develop a good plan of Video Marketing with short, creative videos and quality is the key to winning positions in search engines. Remember that Google indexes YouTube videos in search results for users. Therefore, optimizing your videos appropriately to appear on the first pages of search engine.

4. Allow present differently the goods or services of the company

This medium allows us to present our products and services in a different way, for example through a Storytelling, mini documentary, testimony, etc.. Using video generates more confidence around the product or service you're promoting and that explains visual, direct and close way the characteristics of the product or what the service offered by the company.

5. Tool that helps conversion

Through video achieved a greater visual impact on users l influencing the buying decision. To achieve a higher conversion is advisable to perform a preliminary study on the concerns or needs of your customers. Develops short videos in which you solve your doubts thus improving the sales process. Provides useful and interesting content for your customers.
Use this new channel of communication with your customers creates a good strategy to create Video Marketing reach and influence and see the results.