The Importance of Social Networks in Online Marketing

on Sunday, 16 March 2014
It does not take a genius to realize that, today, the internet is very different than it was earlier in the century . New technologies have made ​​that you can access the network from anywhere using your mobile phone, you can download large data packages in seconds, and you can interact with hundreds of friends at once with just one click.
social networks
Of the latter is what we want to talk about today: the importance of social networks in Online Marketing.
Without networks no paradise
Social networks allow today what a few years ago allowed the chats and Internet forums. Just do not allow it and amplify it, give it a more meaningful and more realism . And also leave a space to businesses that place. 's not absurd to claim that social networks are, in a way, the public square of the physical world , where people interact, talk, presents reviews, buy, sell and make keeps or breaks relationships of all kinds.
That is why the Online Marketing experts have focused their efforts on squeezing the most of social networking , even to the detriment of the SEO (in this competition can see an example ), which not long ago was the biggest source of traffic for any company or website.
Social networking sites allow visitors to get really interested in your product, people who are in the network as a more humane and common ground: the interact . Not the same product while offering the user searches for information using Google, which offer the same product to a person who is talking to his girlfriend about what to get their parents on the day of his birthday.
The difference is that in the second case, the human level is the premium , and, therefore, it is easier to play with their needs and wishes to redirect to a particular product.
So, if you want to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry, one of your goals should be to learn how to capture traffic from social networks . Since then, the method to achieve this is not the same as the method used to achieve search engine traffic, but if you master both strategies, you'll be light years ahead of your competitors.