Tips To Create an Advertising Campaign in Google

on Wednesday, 29 January 2014
I leave you some tips on how to create an advertising campaign in Google, but if only I have to give advice would engage creation and campaign management to a specialized company because the money that I can charge you through Click insurance.

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  • Create an ad group for each keyword set
  • Groups of keywords have to be very similar to that are within the same group
  • Avoids using broad match and exact phrase
  • The group keyword must be the first line of the ad
  • Used in the first line of the ad {keyword:} with this key phrase will Google search the first line that triggered your ad and failing the key phrase
  • Use adwords conversions
  • Using negative keywords.
  • Uses lists of negative keywords that are always very similar, as cities or provinces where you do not want to sell, world countries etc.
  • Test different ads and do not limit yourself to one
  • Configure the account to display advertisements become more
  • If you let Google offers managed pole which always has a limit
  • The destination page must be page or ask where the info you offer to do him more click.
  • Changes reducing mobile auction if your website is not optimized for mobile.
  • Configures all possible extensions, telephone links, steering etc.
  • Create a remarketing campaign as not all conversions are performed the first time you get to the Web
If many of the things I have written here sound like Chinese but I reiterate my first board, a company that asks you to create your advertising campaign on Google and if we are better. You can also create your campaign on Google but care for them better and the more you spend are not going to worry about spending on optimizing it.

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