5 Tricks and tips to increase traffic on WordPress

on Friday, 24 January 2014

How to increase traffic on WordPress?

In Digital Factory we have mentioned a lot of tricks and tips to anyone who has installed a blog on the WordPress platform or an online store, based in PrestaShop. Now, you might not even get to get the expected results, a situation that may primarily be due to the time factor, which influences the first instance when growing up with a blog.

We have mentioned the "time", as this will be the resource that more you are going to need time to grow a blog in WordPress, first, if this time involving about 3 months of using your WordPress blog from the moment we installed it, we should mention that much remains to keep us going, as they work to position the blog and each of the items that are part of it, requires at least about 8 months (a sometimes like a little more) of constant work.
The 8 months mentioned above does not mean that the blog will remain in that period without any items, but rather, about 2 or 3, which are published weekly, might do the WordPress blog grow and so come to have certain economic benefits from the publicity generated by the traffic.

Here we mention a few tips when you have a WordPress blog, very well structured and ready for effective positioning.

1. Show categories in the horizontal options

You should try to create a navigation map, suggesting that even makes Google and who, at a given time reach approve the installation of your ads if this requirement has been well structured. Having an options bar at the top (in horizontal) position offers visitors the ability to navigate between the different categories of the blog without the need of having to go to the different tags (labels) that is usually placed in the SideBar widgets.

2. Create an Avatar to identify each author's post

This is another very important aspect that we should get to implement avatar generally must contain the image of the author as face. To do this, you get to create your avatar in gavatar.com site, it is free and in which you can associate with your email (or group of them) that subsequently will be linked to your WordPress blog.

3. Customize Your WordPress Blog

Many people often buy a WordPress template, a situation that necessarily involves further customization by the new owner. The different options that come installed on the template can be consistent with our blog, though, will not always be this in 100%, for this reason, change the theme color, increase or remove certain widgets, place the name of our blog in the template are a few elements that should change after purchasing this theme for your WordPress blog.

4. Add author bio on each post

There are some specialized in this type of action, who should be appointed as simple as possible, the most important plugins will show some of the author's biography posts. We recommend using a plugin rather than a HTML, because in the latter case, the same would have to use in every blog post, repetitive situation not worth doing because it would take away some time.

5. Show a category of "recent articles"

To avoid losing track your visitors, you need to be able to integrate a new category in your WordPress blog, same shall be called "recent articles", it is generally set at a search widgets is placed in Blog Sidebar, which you may choose a maximum of about 5.

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  1. I modified my blog according to your guidelines, I hope this wordpress tips will help me to optimize traffic.
    In meantime, I will return and let you know, How these tips worked for me..

    Thanks you..