Have you underestimated the humble shredder?

on Monday, 23 December 2013
Everyone knows what a shredder does, but few understand the greater importance of shredding in general.

Destroying paper is a simple concept, yet it is what lies on the paper that matters. Most people typically use these devices at work, where shredding documents is an important part of waste disposal, such as with bills and invoices. Essentially anything you don't want people to get their hands on, you shred to stop them getting an easy look. However, an easy look and an impossible one are two very different things.

The right shredder

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. It is full of various components of different shapes and sizes but, ultimately, it is possible to complete. It is simply a matter of time and effort.

Now imagine what’s left once you’ve put an invoice through a shredder. In your common, commercial product, these are just strips of paper. If someone was dedicated enough, this would not prove much of a challenge given enough time. As a business putting this potential treasure trove of information out in to the public, you have to ask whether this is a risk you are happy to take?

Instead, consider an industrial shredding service. This, first of all, takes great care to destroy documents, DVDs and CDs but, perhaps more importantly, puts greater control on where the remains end up. These can be collected from your office and transported securely to special facilities to be destroyed, ensuring that at no point do they end up in the public eye.

Legal matters

Finally, let's not forget the role waste plays in the changing landscape of being eco-friendly, with shredding being just as important in this field. Across the world, many countries are making efforts to enforce cleaner legislation on businesses, so it helps to be ahead of this trend.

It's already reached the UK, as from next year, Scotland will have greater requirements for business waste. This involves separating paper waste and specific details for where each goes. Of course, if your firm is already set up with a shredding service, this feature is already taken out of your hands, since you have entrusted a professional to achieve all these goals for you.

In short, shredding can give you peace of mind and help you meet legal business requirements. For a reasonable cost, this outsourcing can make company life much easier by removing a key concern.