Motivate Your Employees: Helpful Insights

on Sunday, 10 November 2013
Motivate Your Employees

How to motivate employees in the workplace?

How many times have you stopped and wondered: are your employees motivated enough to be as productive as they should? If they are professional enough they will always work the same and complete all their tasks on time, but you can’t expect all of your employees to be this reliable and responsible. Many employers will agree that, while motivation is important, maintaining a disciplined climate in the workplace could be even more important for your company.

If, for example some of your employees would be more motivated if they could come to work whenever they feel like it, then, even if they complete their tasks on time, allowing this would be unfair to other workers. That’s way strict rules in a workplace are the best way to make every employee feel that he or she is treated as everybody else.

Otherwise, no matter how productive most of your employees are, those few that are avoiding their tasks and expect a special treatment could hold your entire company down. This could bring some serious consequences to your business and reputation.

Most people might think that money is the key factor in motivating your employees, and while it probably is so, this is not the only factor. Recent study conducted about employee motivation has shown some interesting results. As expected, a large number of people in the study showed that lack of pay revisions and cash incentives is the fastest way to make your employees feel demotivated and lower their productivity.  But there were some unexpected results, and that is a very large number of employees who stated that praise and appreciation from their employers is one of the most important factors that keep them motivated.

This doesn’t mean that an employee should become demotivated if their manager doesn’t praise them all the time because they just don’t have that demanding tasks that need extra effort, but if a really good job goes unnoticed it could affect your employee more than you think.

With such a fast pace we live by today employees don’t get much chances to standout and advance so when one of those chances is not appreciated by the employer, you employee could just stop caring about his work, become uninterested and lazy. They will start to come late, avoid their tasks and if you don’t have a disciplined climate they will start to negatively affect your productivity. Their excuse will always be the lack of motivation.

The best way to pay attention on what your employees are doing, without losing too much time on following every single employee, is to install a mobile phone tracking software, and monitor all your employees from one place. You can install mobile spy (for example, on the company phones legally (telling your employees that you do that) and use it to monitor the way your employees are acting during work hours.

Mobile tracking software will enable you to monitor their call logs and even record and listen to these calls, see all received and sent messages, track their internet activity and more. You can even locate the phone via GPS and find out which employees are often late or lying to you about their whereabouts.

Monitoring app can help you cut costs of phone bills by preventing your employees from using the phone for personal needs. You can prevent accidental or any other sort of company information leakage and stop your employees from all kinds of distractions that can affect their productivity.