What you’ll get and loose with employee monitoring software?

on Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Access to online materials is a necessity to the success of a business. All the pertinent information is at the fingertips of the employees and can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency. But this is a two way street and can also be abused by the employees who may use it for their own personal needs.

The obvious solution is to put in security measures that will track the activities of the employees online. However, there are a lot of considerations that come with this decision such as the ethical implications, technical capabilities and organizational procedures that will govern the process.

Not all businesses use the internet for the same purpose. What is effective for one may not be as well suited to another.

Below are some pointers to help you decide if you need to install monitoring software. 

employee monitoring software


Maximize the productivity of each employee – Once an employee knows that someone is watching what is being done online there is a very slim probability that it will be used for personal browsing. This will enable the employee to work without distractions.

Secured information 

In today’s internet setting, the risk of a computer getting infected with a virus or malware is truly a threat to business and can derail operations for days at a time which means loss of money. Most of these malware are on sites that are not engaged in legitimate business. If there is monitoring software installed, employees will not browse on unsecured sites thus keeping the computer safe. The possible expense of recovering data or equipment is significantly higher than that of setting up a monitoring process.

Efficient use of access

Discipline and integrity is part of an employee’s admirable trait but there are instances when someone is tempted to break rules. Having a monitoring software will ensure that the company’s internet access is being utilized for business purposes only.


Low Morale

Internet monitoring is definitely beneficial to the company but there are drawbacks to the morale of the staff. The loyal employees may feel that the company and management team do not trust them and may result to dissatisfaction in the workplace. This in turn can lower down productivity as well as increase absenteeism which will offset everything that was gained by having monitoring and keylogger software.

Loss of Privacy

Every person values his or her own privacy and being an employee does not change this. Intrusion in anything gives a negative feeling that someone is over their shoulder waiting for a mistake to be made. This is not conducive to a good working environment. Example is instead of the employees being comfortable doing their online banking transactions at lunchtime or breaks rather than walk to the bank; they may feel that their information can be compromised.

Internet monitoring has both good and bad sides and an alternative solution can be filtering instead of complete monitoring. A filter allows certain websites and blocks others. This is more acceptable to employees and will not give them a feeling of being encroached on.

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'What you’ll get and loose with employee monitoring software?'

  1. Employee monitoring software keep the watch on all the activities of employees in company. It is beneficial for company directors to take exact decision about employee.

  2. Nice post!
    I think there are simple ways that those disadvantages might be avoided. Like explaining clearly to the employees or the applicants before they get hired about the employee monitoring software and how it's just a way the company's making sure of their productivity. And with loosing the employees' privacy, when you get to use the time tracking software like Time Doctor; the employees can just click the break button and the monitoring automatically stops. So they can have their privacy on surfing on some personal accounts and errands when they're on a break. :)

  3. I agree with Shaeina that employers can avoid the disadvantages by informing all employees at the time of joining about employee monitoring software which helps in maintaining the productivity and goodwill of any business. There is one best monitoring software is available which fulfill all the requirements of employers who wants to monitor their employees activities like keystrokes used, website visited, chat/IMs conversations, content filtering, internet usage and so on i.e. Net Orbit. So you can try it once. Trial version of 15 days is available.

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