Finding a brandable business names easy to remember

on Monday, 11 November 2013
Find a domain name easy to remember for your business can seem like a tricky task. Most likely you will spend hours in front of a computer to think ideas. However, there are plenty of online tools that can help you find the perfect name for your business. Here are some sites that will definitely help you with your quest to find a great and catchy domain name for your business:

1. is a great free domain name suggestion tool that allows you to search for available domains. I especially like the "keyword lists" domain name generator.

2. is a keyword tool free combination. Just upload two lists of keywords and make sure the option "Produce all combinations reverse" is selected. The Lizard keyword tool will create all possible combinations of keyword permutations. Export keywords and once that is done, copy the combinations of keywords and paste them into a search domain in bulk, like the one at and click "Search". A list of available domains seem that you can use for your online brandable business names.

Three. Use the dictionary! The dictionary itself has a lot of words and terms that you may have never heard of. You can find the perfect domain name for your brandable business names this way.

Whatever you do, always choose a name that relates to your business. If your domain name makes sense then most likely your site visitors will remember it more easily. Make it easy to remember as well. A domain name associated with the catchy theme and will always work best. For example, if you are selling food chicken a domain name as Happy Chicken would be perfect for your business because it is both easy to remember and instantly tells visitors to the site will be chicken related.

On the other hand, if your company offers several different products or services that you can also opt for a purely brandable and easy to remember domain. The domain name in this case need not be related to your business because it would be virtually impossible if your business has to do with a multitude of products and services. is a perfect example of a domain name.


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