6 Tools To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

on Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Every time we have a keen desire to hop on to a new blog site that can easily rank up on the higher numbers. But in particular to go to such blogs that can help us in a wonderful manner becomes eventually difficult. If we have a track on the internet that we will find that there are uncountable numbers of services available that can help us in this manner in a brilliant way. But the fact is that how to look out for the good ones out of all these provided options. We have listed out the ways that can help you out in this record.

  • BLOG DIRECTORIES:- To wander in some blog directories is that best way to track out a good blog for yourself. No doubt this technique will definitely consume some time but eventually you will end up to find out some good blogging sites for yourself. Here you will be able to have a large number of blogs from which one can choose from according to ones need. We have numerated some of the good one here.
  1. Alltop:- This is the best way of confronting a blog. It was discovered in 2008 by the personnel’s of Silicon Valley. It is the right way to track a good topic based blog more over in a really tight manner.
  2. Technorati:- This is one of the oldest and the unique blog directory site. The best part of this website is that here you can search out the desired blog just by searching by a particular word.
  3. Blog Catalogue:- It is the modern take of the old concept in a real good manner. The site is truly fascinating and will give you access to such blogs that you can never think of. A search with a single word will help you to have a number of good blogs.

  • BROWSE THROUGH TOPIC:- This is the best way to track out one good blog of your desire. You will easily be able to locate some good blogs that will fall in for your interest. It will surely turn out to be one of the most exciting experiences for you. Some of its examples are,
  1. Guzzle.it:- It will allow you to create an itemized dashboard of the topic of your interest in quite an easy manner. You can prevail an equal help from the mainstream website. You even have the option to display your topic, visually, textually or by both the manners.
  2. Paper.li:- It helps to make a web bids newspaper from the most popular links shared all over the network, whether it is about twitter , Facebook or any other of the social networking site.
  3. Your version:- Here you are allowed to see the blog post as well as the comments that you have got on twitter and other social networking sites. If you are not interested in getting all these updates then you also have the option to choose only the blog post.
These were some ways and techniques that can help you out to look out for a good blog and also will help you out to be a good blogger.


  1. Nice resources mate, I just know myblogguest which is pretty awesome website for finding guest posts for our blogs. Although i also try facebook groups for finding guest posts.