4 Tips For SMB’s To Be A Successful Brand In Social Media

on Friday, 15 November 2013
Branding your social media presence has some really incredible benefits. Whether you are a business, blogger, or just someone who enjoys networking, you are able to take advantage of social media by branding yourself with an image that you feel will benefit you the most. You will see increased traffic, more attention, higher authority, and much more with a properly branded presence.

Pick an Image and Stick With it

To have a good brand, you will need to figure out what image is going to be best for you, and then you have to be consistent with it. Each time you start branding yourself in a certain way, it takes a lot of time for the public to start associating you with your brand. If you are always trying to change how people should look at you, then you will be spending a lot more time and resources before you are able to reach your goal.

You will confuse people as to what your actual goal is. For example, if you are a business that is branding yourself to look as an all "green" company that only provides organic produce... then 6 months later decide to start selling non-organic produce for more profits, the people who originally were attracted to your original brand will be disappointed and will eventually hurt your overall brand.

Use Multiple Social Media Sites

There are plenty of social media sites out there, so why limit yourself? You should go through all of the sites and choose the ones that will be more beneficial to your goal. Once you have a list of sites that you could use, go through them and pick as many as you can handle. It is important not to pick too many because if you end up getting burned out, you won't put in as much effort into your branding campaign
Once you have all of your profiles created, you can start linking them together and allow your audience to have easy access to all of your profiles. If they prefer one site over another, then you are giving them that option, which helps earn their respect.

So you might be wondering how creating multiple profiles will help your brand. Well, the more profiles you have, the more overall visibility you will get. Branding is all about getting more popular and attracting people due to your image, so naturally, the more visible you are, the better your branding efforts will be.

Create Consistent Content with a Blog

Using a blog can drastically help your social media efforts. While you might not really want to sit down and create content on a regular basis, it will really pay off in the end. You will be able to use this content to attract targeted traffic and prove to your audience that you deserve their attention. Depending on what your branding goals are, will determine what kind of content you will make. If you are a business, then writing about important information regarding your niche would be best. On the other hand, if you are a blogger about fiction books, writing a book review that your audience is interested in will probably benefit you the most.

It doesn't matter what reason you have for branding, the important part is that you create valuable, quality content that your audience would love to check out.

Respond to Your Audience as Much as Possible

Another way to help your social media brand is to interact with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and a lot more as much as possible. This is especially important when you are first getting started. Since you won't have many followers, you need to connect with them and make them come back so you are able to retain loyal followers. If you are lucky those followers will tell their family and friends, which will bring you more and more traffic. Once you have a large following, it is understandable if you are unable to respond to the many comments you might get every day, but you should still make personalized posts and make your audience feel personally connected to your social media profiles.

By implementing these 4 tips, you are going to have a much better chance to brand yourself successfully. You are going to have much more visibility, loyal followers, a stronger image, and an overall better social media experience. After you have gotten used to using these 4 tips and have mastered how to make them as effective as possible, you will see many more leads and conversions on your site. The sooner you get started with a proper branding strategy, the faster your site will become successful.

Author Bio:
This was a guest post by Lakhyajyoti Saikia. He is a part time blogger and loves to write about Blogging, Social media and WordPress in his blog Blogete.com.


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