4 Reasons Why You Will Have To Boost Your SEO Financial Plan For 2014

on Monday, 25 November 2013
With the latest chaos with rankings and search engines, many online entrepreneurs are wondering how much they should set their budget for the upcoming year 2014. Fortunately, with the changes that Google has made, SEO will continue to yield great revenue on the investment. Here we are providing you with the five reasons why you should consider increasing a budget for 2014 for SEO. SEO is something which you cannot ignore, if you did, you will be out of the limelight which is not only bad for your business but for your reputation as well, which you must have maintained for years.

SEO Financial Plan

Cheap backlinks will get you busted

Google is very clear that if the online entrepreneurs will try to game the system, Google is not going to tolerate this. They have made great gait over the past years to decrease the trend of the cheaper methods that some of the online entrepreneurs often utilize to create backlinks for their website. Strategies such as excessive bookmarks, article spinning, duplicate content, paid links, stuffing of the keywords are not any more acceptable by the great Google, and all the online entrepreneurs should mind it.

Recovering is not inexpensive

Due to penguin, many sites were able to recover from a fall in the SERPs. However, recovering was not inexpensive. Classically, SEO link profile audit is required to determine the tribulations and create a path to recover from the drop. Even if your site has not been endangered, it will be a wise thing to perform an audit to determine any possible links, which can create troubles in future. Prevention is always better and cheaper than fixing.

Right content marketing will always cost you higher

Earlier it was possible to publish five hundred words on blog post every week and gaining considerable traffic and influence with Google. While today short articles are also having similar value like they used to have in the past, but Google favor longer contents. In future, it can be expected that it will require having an article of one thousand words so, that your website can have good rankings on the Google. And to have better rankings you can even create two thousand words and of course Google will not mind at all. Google has launched in depth article section, which you can use and say where the things regarding your website is going.

A must to have a content selling policy 

To achieve target audience and to build your brand, content marketing is always effective and will easily fit in your needs to get the desired traffic. When you provide your audience with superb content, it really helps in building a brand. This helps in two ways; generating traffic and helps in getting good rankings on search results.

These are the few reasons why you will require having a good strategy for content marketing and other things in the upcoming year. In the year 2014, it is going to play a very important role and SEO India agency suggests you with the same.