How to: Influence the success of your project through Web Design?

on Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Designing an economical and inexpensive website is perhaps the best way to save money but the worst way to get clients online, in this article we explain the details and how this could affect the success of your project.
Every month we receive customers who already have a website but have not been able to get even a single customer for their website only mean one letter after an analysis on the website we do not have the basic aspects should have a website to persuade visitors to take action, i.e. to request more information, make a call, etc..

Then we explain everything you must consider before starting the website design, the main reason is that we hear from all aware of this information and that budget issues chose to design a financial website but finally realize that their website will be the first image that potential customers will take their business and have a website that looks professional and is not persuasive unfortunately had initially saving now becomes an expense because you have to redesign the website again.

We also detected that most of the problems you have when you hire a design economic or cheap website. This is so basic that where you only display the information of what the company offers and you.

We have listed some fairly common mistakes that companies make when they completely ignore this information and unfortunately most times this error is very costly both financially harm the image of the company:

Website design in flash

The use of flash animations was a boom until a few years ago where the only way to visit a website was through a computer, nowadays Internet access from mobile devices is increasing and unfortunately most these devices are incompatible with flash animations.

Website design that motivates you to take action

What is the difference between having a website and having a website that gets customers? Probably the strategy to be used and how persuasive is the website if the website is not designed with this in mind, much less be friendly to visitors, and we will not get a single customer.

Website design online brochure type

We have also seen countless times on the website is designed just like a brochure or letter scanned and published, completely forgetting that the website has to offer a value proposition and be a two-way channel where visitors can also participate.

Website design free website

On the Internet there are many applications that allow you to design a website for free and have it ready in a few hours, this may be used to do some testing of a prototype of how you wish it was the website but will not serve to get clients and Internet, a website has to be designed to fit the business objectives of the company if you use free apps there are probably hundreds of designs are the same as your website on the Internet.

Website design manager Nephew

The company needs to design a website and what better option to order this the nephew of the manager that I have a web design course in the summer holidays, Already you can imagine how this ends? We're not saying this is bad but to make a website "profitable" need to know more than just web design.

In summary, in the market there are many design options that are cheap for your website that generates customers and be profitable; just you need to make a reasonable investment. It is not just the aesthetic it must be designed according to the target company should go further integrated into a digital marketing strategy.

Author Bio: This article has been provided by a Dubai based web design company, that provides web design solution in Shanghai, Sharjah, Hong Kong and Middle East.