The Top 5 Best Free Apps for Windows Phone

on Thursday, 22 August 2013

The first thing everyone who buy a smartphone does is searching for the apps they can download and install in their mobile. With the vast information available on the internet it became easy to decide which apps needs to be allotted place in our mobiles and which are not.

Most of the users are now well acknowledged about the apps and also most of them are going for the apps those are cost free but efficient. In order to make your search for new apps easy, a list of free apps is provided below.

5 Best free apps for Windows Phone7:

1. Amazon:

There are hardly some people who never know about Amazon is an online shopping website where you can buy electronic goods, apparels, books and almost everything. Windows phone provides a free app called Amazon which allows its users to make purchases, compare prices and search for the items they want right from their smart phone.

This app provides an easy access to purchase goods and let the users feel their shopping comfortable.

2. Evernote:

Make a note of your thought on go with Evernote. Evernote is a note taking software that made note making easy to the users. The synchronization features of this wonderful app let the users access their notes from anywhere without any interruptions.

You can also email notes in to evernote. As every Evernote account is provided with an email addrees you can send your notes to the Evernote from anywhere. That notes will be saved in your Evernote account.

3. Foursquare:

Foursquare locates your position, where you are. This is more than a GPS. Foursquare let you know what is close to your location in the Foursquare database by tracking your position. You can add a title or a picture from the gallery or taking a snap from camera letting your friends know what you are doing. You need not specify the location where you are, as Foursquare takes care of that.

4. Movies by Flixster:

This is a wonderful app for movie lovers. This app acknowledges you with the latest movies reviews, trailers, ratings and what not! You can get the whole information about the latest releases and decide whether a movies is worth watching or not.

With the information provided by this free app you can plan your shows.

5. Netflix:

Big fan of Television shows and movies? Here is your app then. With this app you mobile can be a better platform to watch your favourites. Netflix is the free app that lets the users watch a movie and show they wish for. You can watch as much as you like because there is no downloading involved.

These are therefore best apps that are available for Windows phone users. Make a better use of them.

Article written and submitted by Rajkumar Jonnala. Currently he is working on topic UC browser for PC.