Save Your Time With Secret Keys in Windows 8

on Sunday, 11 August 2013
Windows 8 has lots of secret combination of buttons. If correct in pressing the buttons, then you can work more quickly and efficiently. Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Windows 8, further optimize the Windows key functions that you can find in between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left side of your computer keyboard. Well below is presented combination shortcut keys (shortcut) that can save you time when working with Windows 8.

Windows: Switch between open programs already in metro styles to menu (start menu)
Windows + C: Display setting devices, search and share
Windows + D: Display the desktop
Windows + E: Windows Explorer
Windows + F: Opens Panel Search
Windows + H: Opens the Share Panel
Windows + I: Opens Settings
Windows + K: Opens devices windows
Windows + L: Lock your PC
Windows + M: minimize Internet explorer
Windows + O: orientation lock switch the device on and off
Windows + P: switch your display to a second screen or projector
Windows + T: Opens a search panel application
Windows + R: Open the Run
Windows + U: Open the access center
Windows + V: cycles through toasts (notices)
Windows + W: Looking for system settings
Windows + X: display the menu text and applets useful tool Windows
Windows + Z: displays the right-click context menu when in full-screen application
Windows + +: Magnifier and zoom in
Windows + -: Zoom out
Windows +: peek desktop
Windows + enter: Raising the narrator
Windows + page up: move the current screen to the left monitor
Windows + page down: move the current screen to the right monitor
Windows + print screen: screenshot image and immediately save the document to your default
Windows + Tab: Switch between running applications
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