How to Find the Right Blogger to Boost Your Brand

on Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Blogging is an excellent way to connect with potential customers as well as deepen relationships with existing ones. That being said, you need more than to just have a blog for it to be a successful marketing tool. Many companies find that to maintain consistent, high-quality blog posts is too difficult, and so they hire a blogger to help.

Professional bloggers can be a tremendous resource when it comes to boosting a company's brand. Yet some companies resist using a blogger since they view it as an unnecessary expense. The funny thing is these companies use other website-related resources to manage their webpages, including services like to ensure their online presence is professional. Using a professional blogger is no different. Your blog needs to be updated at least once a week with sleek, sticky content that keeps people coming back for more, and a professional blogger can do just that.

There are several rules to go by when it comes to finding the right blogger. First of all, the blogger needs to specialize in an area that relates to your company. If your company produces aftermarket parts for four-wheel-drive vehicles, it's a bad idea to hire a blogger who has extensive experience writing about celebrity news. The blogger will have limited knowledge of your market, the target audience and even your products. It's a much better idea to hire a blogger who writes regularly on automotive topics, since he would likely know how to craft each blog post to appeal to exactly the right group of readers. Your readers are smart and will know if your blog posts come from an authoritative standpoint or if they are pure fluff.

Sometimes finding the right blogger is as simple as getting into contact with a public relations firm. Many PR firms keep a running list of bloggers and the areas they specialize in, giving you quick access to a list of potential good fits. But your work is not done there. You need to know how to contact bloggers and introduce the opportunity. In your initial email you need to explain who you are as a company so the blogger knows if you are a good fit. You also need to explain what your requirements for posting frequency are, as well as your blog's audience or target audience. Bloggers who are professional know what a good fit is for them and so can decide if it is a good opportunity or not. You should also ask the blogger questions such as what topics they normally write about and their past experience.

In the end, you never know what you are getting with a blogger, which is why it's a good idea to try one out before signing up for a long-term commitment. This means giving a blogger two posts topics and having him write a blog post for each. These posts will just be typed up in a word processor so you get a feel for the blogger's style and knowledge in the subject material, letting you know if you should move forward together or not.

Gavin Carter is a public relations expert. He loves to share his best tips for how to generate great publicity on small business blogs.