Unlimit your limited consumers of your small biz

on Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Businesses tend to fall down because they don’t maximise their ability to cash in on unexpected opportunities – particularly when they’re small or medium-sized enterprises. Just because you don’t employ dozens of staff or don’t occupy the top floor of an exclusive business complex, it doesn’t mean that you can’t trade. In fact, your size can work to your advantage. You’re in contact with people that bigger businesses often don’t get to know. You are the point of contact for people that use your services and can spread the word on your behalf.

Niceties aside, you need to see those relationships translate into cold, hard figures but, unless you’re prepared to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, the most you can expect are good wishes.

Capitalising on what’s in front of you

A problem for many Smells is that they can’t capitalise on what’s in front of them. For example, the majority of window cleaning services operates on a cash only basis and if that cash is unavailable, it’s deferred to a later date. While this might not sound too troublesome as a singular instance, imagine if 10% or even 25% of your clientele don’t have access to cash on the spot. Suddenly your cash flow is seriously interrupted, which can have a domino effect on other aspects of the business. You might struggle to pay employees or that marketing campaign you had planned has to remain on ice until you receive payment.

Eradicate the need for cash
Intuit Pay is one of a growing number of company’s set to revolutionise the way traders can take payment. Intuit Pay mobile payment technology gives you greater flexibility by transforming your smartphone into a miniature card reader. Many SMEs balk at the idea of traditional card readers, simply because of the cost. However, mobile payment technology costs just a fraction of its counterpart – merely 2.75% of each transaction.

What this gives you is the facility to take card payments wherever you are, without having to charge a minimum transaction fee. On those occasions where a client isn’t packing cash, you can offer them a more flexible alternative; they simply swipe their card, enter their security details and the transaction goes ahead. In addition, the software will send them a receipt and make a record of the transaction, so your accounting becomes infinitely easier.

Tailor your services

Transactions of this sort are safe and secure and leave a paper trail behind them, so that you can gain an overview of whom your most regular clients are. Once word spreads about your service, your ability to interact with and bill new clients becomes problem-free. In addition, software of this sort allows you to take advantage of other opportunities, such as trade fairs or working on stalls. In essence, you have a cash register in your pocket.

Being able to take payment on the spot not only means that your cash flow isn’t interrupted, but puts you in the driving seat when it comes to expanding your client base. You can take advance orders, catch up on what you’re owed and watch your company exceed its perceived limitations. And all thanks to a little piece of technology that fits right in your pocket!

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'Unlimit your limited consumers of your small biz'

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