What Makes Depositphotos a Good Choice For Stock Media?

on Friday, 21 June 2013
When it comes to web based projects like Websites or blogs, use of ‘suitable’ image is quite important to grab user attention to your content. Everyone knows the easiness of understanding when an eye-catchy image replaces a bunch of sentences. However, the main issue you will face is the inability to find the suitable images for your project. Using Google Image search can be neither able to fulfil the conveyed message nor to get rid from copyright issues. We can make use of stock image providers, also known as microstock agencies in such a situation. Nowadays, microstock agencies are not only providing stock images but also some media files such as vectors and videos, which you can use in projects without fearing the copyright claims. When compared to rough Google search, such images seem to be satisfying the need in a big extend.

It is also important that you should choose the best microstock agencies as there are several services offering stock media. For sure, Depositphotos is a good choice in this case because the four-year-old service is much popular as well as huge in collection of royalty free stock photos and illustrations. Depositphotos started their journey in 2009 and has become a good source of stock media now. What makes them different from other providers is the support of 250000+ contributors who can upload around 100000 stock images per week through the combined effort. Members of this contributor list include photographers, professional graphic designers and videographers (for stock video files). Let us have a small look on Depositphotos’s features.

Collection Matters

As we said, Depositphotos has a large number of media files in their servers. The more number of files means the easier choosing of appropriate media file for your intention. This factor obviously attracts a large number of users to the service. Though they have such a big collection, the rates of the service are quite reasonable when compared to its rivals, in turn helping to grab more users. Apart from normal stock photos, Depositphotos has a good collection of background images as well. The website has well-arranged these background images making easier it to find.

Intuitive User Interface

Depositphotos has kept an eye also on user interface because a useless user interface of service can really spoil the number of users. Nevertheless, Depositphotos’s user interface is much effective especially when considering the search feature. Simpler sign up procedure is also an impressive feature as users can sign up using either their email or Facebook account.

Once you have completed the sign up process, you can see a dashboard, which previews the huge collection of service. Search feature of Depositphotos allows you to find the appropriate image quickly and easily because the searching criteria include category, main colour, orientation, contributing artist, maturity levels of images(adult only or not) etc. This advanced feature is enough fast as well, providing the most suitable image.

Budget Friendly

Understanding the presence of clients with different budget, Depositphotos has different versions of subscription plans other than the free trail of 7 days. In these 7 days, you can download total 35 images and chances are high that you will upgrade to premium plan if you are a professional. The different plans are as follows.
Daily & Monthly Plans: You can download a specific number of images per day and month. These plans will suite you if you are an internet marketer or web developer who uses more images for their works
Pay as you go: If you just want to get one or two images in one month, you can choose this plan because your money will be convertedinto credits in this method. You can use these credits to purchase the desired image.

Licensing & Verdict

According to your profession, you might need different license plans for an image. In some cases, you might have to resale the image or reuse it. If you are such a professional, there are several license plans waiting for you including multiseat, unlimited reproduction etc. These license modes will be useful though they are expensive.

Combining all these factors, Depositphotos seems to be the best choice for people for an extensive source of stock media. What do you think about the service? Do let us know through comments.