MemorizeIt! – A Great App to Keep Track of Your Life

on Wednesday, 19 June 2013
MemorizeIt! is a kind of first app which is designed to keep track of your life without interruption. It is designed in such a way that it’ll guess (based on your past usage) what exactly you want to memorize. When you open it or click on the PredictIt icon and if autoPredict is off to adjust and memorize it’ll pre-fill the memo for you.

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MemorizeIt! Is great for remembering many things and keeping track of repetitive actions, like timing a job, filling up of gas, eating, taking supplements/medicine, running, etc. You can add any kind of lists such as diet records, great for keeping your own health records, budget records, travel records, personal diary or journal, planting / harvest records, as well as grocery lists.

Wonderful features of MemorizeIt!

To keep track of your whole family you can maintain multiple accounts on one device.
Create simple or complex lists with ListIt or NoteIt and a Heading.
You can work offline if there is no internet connection and even edit/take notes anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Adding a picture to your memo is very easy.
It is very easy to keep track of all the things you're doing, where, with whom, for how much time, in as much or as little detail as you would like.
You can keep track of how much long you or someone else for you is doing an action.
Whenever you connect through Facebook it will remember all your friend names who you're with.
It shows you last 7 memos at an easy glance of all the things what you've been exactly keeping track of such as last time when took your medicines so that you can know when to take the next dose.
You can search your activities of life by simple keyword, place, friend, #hashtag, by type of memo, by Heading/Category, by day, by date range, or view it on a calendar.

In real time MemorizeIt! will study your habits to track things and make it easier for you. To get the things done you can it in less than 7 seconds and for all the repetitive actions you can edit/add them. If you forget the thing at times don’t worry you can also add new things later.

Average rating: 3.8