A Win-Win: Hosted PBX for Your Business

on Thursday, 6 June 2013
If you are looking to update your office's telephone system, your best choice may also be one of the oldest. Hosted PBX, which has evolved from the old system of operators and switchboards into a modern telephony system, is an ideal choice for businesses looking to modernize their offices. Here we will explain what hosted PBX is, and how this system can help bring your office up-to-date.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system processes all the incoming calls and data directed to an office and transfers them to the correct extensions. Unlike old PBX systems, a hosted PBX system is kept offsite and maintained by a host company. Thus, all equipment and maintenance is taken care of by the host company rather than by the office using the hosted PBX's services.

Advantages and Tips

Hosted PBX offers numerous advantages to offices looking to keep pace with an ever changing world. Below you will find just a few of these advantages and how best to take advantage of them.


A hosted PBX system can save your office a lot of money. Not only will you not have to worry about the cost of maintenance and technicians' fees, but you will also save money by not having to acquire more office space in order to store all the equipment a PBX system requires. Furthermore, you will not be responsible for hiring staff to operate the PBX system. Also, with a hosted PBX system, you only pay for the services you use, thus you avoid wasting money on what you don't need.


A hosted PBX system is ideal for a fast-changing business environment. In the past, if your office outgrew its old telephone system, you would be required to upgrade your telecommunications system as well. With hosted PBX, however, because you are only paying for the services you use, your voice and data system can grow at the same pace as your office.


Do you find that whenever you buy a new piece of technology, an even newer version of that technology is available within months? With hosted PBX you no longer need to worry about your equipment becoming obsolete. Because all of your voice and data equipment is kept offsite, responsibility for upgrades is maintained by the PBX provider. Therefore, you can rest assured that your telecommunications system is always up-to-date.

Less Worry

Because a hosted PBX system is maintained offsite, you don't need to worry about any unforeseen disruptions to office operations. In case of damage to your office, your PBX system will not be effected, thus allowing you to continue running your business in even the worst scenarios.

More Choices

A modern office needs a communication system that provides more than just voice calls. With hosted PBX, you have an array of choices that keep your office cutting edge, from HD, video conferencing, desk calls directed to your mobile device, voicemails forwarded to your email account, and more. Best of all, with most hosted PBX companies you get to choose which services are best for your office. To compare some of the services available from different PBX providers, check out http://getvoip.com/.

A hosted PBX system offers a cheap and efficient means of modernizing your office's telephony system. Whether you're looking for flexibility, the latest upgrades, or the ability to conduct video conferences in HD, hosted PBX offers it all. By signing up for hosted PBX, you can worry less about your telecommunication needs and more about running your office smoothly.

Steven West is a retired communications officer for a busy company. He now spends his time keeping up with the latest communications breakthroughs and then shares his findings on various blogs.