A Balanced Discussion of the Galaxy S4

on Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was received with much fanfare and celebration as a departure from its smaller competitive counterpart, the iPhone 5 and even its predecessor model, Galaxy S3. The new model S4 boasts a screen that is five inches larger than the S3 and includes other features, such as eye scrolling, that cannot be found in previous models of the Galaxy mobile phone.

Since introducing the new model, 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 have been shipped to channel partners or sold to customers in less than one month. The company has also offered color options for the S4, which sets it apart from its biggest competitor, the iPhone.

The Good about the Galaxy S4

The bigger five in high definition screen is one of the improvements that have been incorporated in the Galaxy S4 over its previous models. The screen of the S4 device is 1.5 inches more than that of the iPhone. In addition to the bigger screen with higher resolution (1080 pixels), the Galaxy S4 has a battery that is replaceable, which is one of the complaints about the iPhone.
The Galaxy S4 has a 13-megapixel autofocus camera and can also be used as an infrared TV/DVR remote control. The S4 has two gigabytes of random access memory that can be expanded to 64 gigabytes. The eight-core processor is 1.6 gigahertz, making it one of the fastest Internet browsing experiences among all mobile phones.

Air Gesture, Air View, and Smart Stay/Pause/Scroll Technologies
One of the much touted features of the Galaxy S4 is its eye scrolling and hand gesturing technologies. Trademarked as Air Gesture, Air View, and Smart Stay/Pause/Scroll, these technologies allow owners of the S4 to scroll the screen with the movement of their eyes or through hand gestures such as waving a hand over the screen of the S4. With these technologies, using the Galaxy S4 is as simple as slightly tilting the device or moving the head and eyes.

The Not-So-Good about the Galaxy S4

As many things that are good about the Galaxy S4, there are some concerns that have been raised by users. One of those issues is with the dimness of the screen. Even with a 1080-pixel, high definition screen, the lighting is lower than that of the comparable iPhone 5. The Galaxy S4 also experiences problems with its power on button. The S4 is known to turn on inappropriately.

The Air View, Air Gesture, and Smart Stay/Pause/Scroll technologies have had problems working for some owners of the Galaxy S4. Complaints about the technologies range from the technologies not working at all to the technologies being difficult to operate or too difficult to use.

Is the Galaxy S4 a Good Value?

Overall, the Galaxy S4 appears to be a good buy. Its bigger screen and integration of different technologies makes it a must-have for the individual looking for a true multimedia experience. The Galaxy S4's use of infrared technology to integrate with a TV and DVR makes it ideal for presentations and slideshows. Software kinks will be resolved as the company begins work on its next generation Galaxy smartphone.

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