WP-Glide Premium WordPress Theme From Solostream

on Tuesday, 7 May 2013
When you go online and view each blog or websites one by one, you will notice them having different structural design. Well, the design is brought by when you apply a certain theme on your WordPress site when you are creating it.It is evident that you will see some websites having bad website designs and navigation as well. Therefore,if you are a blogger or website master you should know that having the best theme will do much for you. WP-glide premium WordPress theme from Solostream is one example of the best theme you should consider using.

This is another great theme from Solostream. With WP-glide premium WordPress theme you have a clean and flexible WordPress.This theme best suits business or online magazine websites or blogs. However, this does not mean that you can use it on any other website niche.

WP Glide – Premium WordPress Theme


Below are some of the greatest features for WP-glide premium WordPress theme. These features are
  • The theme has 2-Column Layout with Widgetized Sidebar
  • It offers Optional Footer Widgets
  • It has an easy accessible Theme Settings Page
  • It offers the best Logo Integration via Theme Settings Page
  • It has Optional Featured Content Glider
  • The theme offers Multiple Home Page Layouts
  • It supports Threaded Comments
  • It supports Gravatar Integration
  • Optional Banner Ad Integration
  • Optional Post Thumbnails
  • The theme is SEO Optimized
  • It offers Social Networking Integration
  • Multiple Page Templates
  • It has a Built-In Author Page  and many more


There are two options that you can use to buy this theme.

1. The actual price: you can buy this theme through its actual buying price which is $59.
2. The membership plan: you can get access to all themes created by Solostream through their membership plan which costs $99. The cost you will get silver membership plan but not the gold membership plan

$ 59