VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting Comparison

on Monday, 27 May 2013
When it comes to comparing shared hosting VPS hosting, shared hosting popularity is waning. Every day more and more people are going for the virtual private server hosting that will provide a customizable virtual hosting environment and safe with simple and highly innovative concept. In virtual private server hosting, a single server is split into defined units working as if they were independent.

Here are some reasons why I prefer more normal VPS shared web site hosting.

VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting Comparison

Do not share resources -

In the normal shared web hosting, the server resources are shared with other users and this essentially restricts their control over the server. However, with the virtual private server hosting, you will have control over the server and indeed, you can customize and control according to your needs.

Increased reliability -

We are in a competitive world and we need the maximum uptime of the server. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed with normal web hosting as a user overload can slow things down or even lead to total closed system. VPS instead offer a hosting environment, where the services of an account can not affect other accounts. This ensures that the server speeds are not affected and therefore will have a reliable hosting solution.

More security -

Shared hosting is more susceptible to various types of uncertainty from a single server is usually shared with other users. This means that sensitive files can access other people on the same server and therefore your confidential information may be at risk.

If you want a reliable and efficient service, then choose VPS. However, you will be forced to pay more for the services offered on the ability to customize all accommodation and flexibility. On the other hand, shared hosting is suitable for users on the budget.

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