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on Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Solostream premium WordPress themes are the most popular themes online. Many webmasters and bloggers use these themes to customize their websites to give it that slick and elegant look. To many webmasters, these themes are important to them because they make a living out of their websites.

This themes offer their users bold and stylish designs especially to business websites. Moreover, they are very flexible and help them to be successful to what they are doing.There are a variety of about 30 classy WP themes that suit any of your website and niche on premium WordPress themes store from Solostream. Each of the Solostream themes comes with its own list of various unique features to make it different from the rest.

The best thing about the Solostream’s premium WordPress store is that it offers clear information about their products. For example, each WP theme has its description, pricing and other relevant information. Moreover, they offer demo videos for each WP theme they have.

  Themes Store from Solostream

Support information

Solostream stores have clear and solid support system in place. Here, they offer a free lifetime membership in their support forum and free updates to any theme you buy. Moreover, they offer full information on theme installation details and how-to-tutorials are accessible for each theme as well.

Refund Policy information

Refund policy information is readily found on premium WordPress themes store from Solostream. Their refund policies state that any person who has bought their products is not going to be refunded in case they change their minds. This is not unusual for products of this nature. Moreover, they have detailed information about their products to avoid situations like refunds.

Therefore, what is expected of you before purchasing their products? Well, they have a professional team available to answer such questions before buying and they address any concerns that you may have.


  1. Aktar,

    Wpcritique is release an year back but it s still being updated frequently, solostream is awesome