How to Use office Timeline in PowerPoint?

on Saturday, 6 April 2013

For the Power point users, Office timeline is an additional tool that helps them become more organized and it makes them productive in so many ways. The main purpose behind these timelines is that they let you create attractive and influential project timeline with just a matter of clicks. The wizard that supports the creation of office timeline in the PowerPoint asks just for the minimal data to be entered and rest of the work is done by the user friendly interface of the wizard. This facilitates the creation of a slide that feature the timeline inserted in the presentation. The range of templates and the designs that a user can choose is diverse.

The editing and the customization of this timeline can be done at a point of time with the help of the Office Timeline Tab that is available on the PowerPoint ribbon. This tab is available once the user is finished with the installation of this add on.

Quick Tutorial on How to Use Office Timeline

The moment a user installs Office timeline, it adds an extra tab straightaway on the Microsoft PowerPoint ribbon along with a variety of amazing tools that can be utilized for the editing or the creation of a timeline. The creation of a new timeline is triggered by the click on new button which is available on the Office timeline ribbon.

The click on the new button triggers the startup of a wizard that guides the user through a very easy and understandable process. Keep clicking next after selecting the style of the timeline, this style can be further modified after the creation of the timeline as well.

The milestones related to the project can be further added in the enter milestones page, with the color, date and title for the project. The milestones can be made using a diamond shape or a flag shape according to the requirements of the user. The user can also decide whether to place these milestones below or above the timeline. All the three options can be edited and changed after the creation of the timeline. The moment milestones are added, the user is required to click next to proceed.

The last step in the creation of the Office Timeline requires the insertion of intervals for every task. Like the user chose colors for his milestones, he can do the same with the phase or tasks. For each phase, date and start can be added further. Different shapes can also be added for each interval. Once, all these steps are performed, the user must click on finish.

Thus, after the completion of all the above steps, the timeline is finally created. Now the user can easily edit the options from the Office timeline ribbon. The color of the time band, the style of it can be easily changed by the user according to his own requirements. The decorations can be either added or removed from the timeline created. Thus, even after the creation of timeline, the user can easily edit the features of the timeline created.

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