How to Edit CSS Codes in Blogger

on Saturday, 13 April 2013

On 10 April Blogger has changed its blogger template style.So,now in editing HTML template becomes much easier for web developers. I am going to explain you how you can edit your New blogger template with CSS and HTML codes.

How to Edit CSS Codes in Blogger

In CSS coding previously we added CSS code before the }]]<b:skin>
But now in new template you can edit your CSS code customization by below way.
  • Now first we find the <b:skin> with using search box(CTRL+F).
  • Then click on the symbol to expand the widget.
  • Now search  }]]<b:skin> with (CTRL+F)
  • And finally place your CSS code before }]]<b:skin>
How to Edit HTML Codes In Blogger

In Older blogger template HTML codes can be easily customized by finding <data:post.body> in template
But in new Blogger Template HTML codes customization is different from previous. Follow some steps to edit HTML codes.
  • Now we find 'Blog Posts' using the search box (CTRL+F)
  • Now click o symbol to expand widget.
  • Then search 'post'  ' var='post' code using search box (CTRL+F).
  • Finally paste your HTML codes Below or above 'post' or ' var='post' (as described whether paste above <data:post.body> in previous format.)

If you are facing any problem or wanted to give any suggestion then don't forget to comment.

About the author: Shujat Hussain is an emerging blogger and tried to learn more about blogging and programming language.professionally he is a Mechanical Engineering Student From Uet Lahore. Join him On Facebook.

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