Google launches Google+ comments on Blogger

on Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blogger and Google+ are now united since Google has just decided to implement a new commenting system that combines the social network with those in the blog. This will enable bloggers to interact with your readers from one platform, no matter from which of the two services received comments.

Blogger is one of the services of Google that seemed a bit sloppy, because you had many important news to share about him. However, today, here I am, telling you what Google has just done with Blogger, by attaching the commenting system its social network Google+ .

Is that just as Facebook has its Facebook Comments, which is a system used by many pages and blogs that the comments made ​​in the note posted on Facebook also appear on the page, now, Google also wants to do the same, although in the first instance has restricted the use of this new system comments Google+ exclusively to Blogger, and to see how well you walk.

The team at Google explains: 'For example, if a public discussion in Google+ on one of your blog entries, these comments and responses also appear in your blog Blogger. Thus, one can connect with more of your readers, in one place'.

And since it has been mentioned the word 'public' in the previous paragraph, I will tell the user that made ​​the comment, has the power to choose if you want what you write is public or private. Also, readers can choose to view the comments top, all comments or just comments made ​​by people in their circles.

Do you find it interesting? If anyone is yes, then this system can be activated by logging into your board Blogger, click the button Google+ and then give you a check for the option 'Use Google+ Comments'.