Five Best Free Email Software Apps

on Wednesday, 17 April 2013

With email remaining one of the most popular forms of communications of the digital age, professionals and businesses alike want to have the very best email software for their requirements, not just allowing email to be sent or received, but also managed and protected. Here are five of the best free apps, as recommended by a wide range of clients:

dotMailer. The perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses or any enterprise with a marketing division, dotMailer email software gives the user anything you might require from an email client, plus superlative email management, organization and filtering. The email marketing softwere from dotMailer is also ideal for planning and executing an effective email marketing campaign.

Mozilla Thunderbird. This free Windows email and RSS feed program is very user-friendly, offering good functionality and security, working efficiently and helping to both keep spam and junk mail out of your inbox. With fast loading times and the capacity for add-ons, along the same lines as the Firefox browser, this is a great app for the home user.

eM Client 5. This email client program has recently been updated to support Windows 8, making ideal for early adopters. One of its special features is the auto-archiving capability, plus robust mail backup and restore functions and a much-improved calendar. The only problem is a strange omission whereby replied-to emails are not marked as read, which will hopefully be addressed in later builds.

Windows Live Mail. Inevitably Windows would have its own free email program, but the good news is that it is a well performing app allowing users access to IMAP, POP and Windows Live Hotmail accounts, plus connections to your blog, Windows Live Messenger, RSS news feeds and Windows Live Calendar. Its only weakness is its relatively basic email management system.

Zimbra Desktop. Popular among many business users for its elegance and style, this app promises to “meld the online and offline worlds”, by synchronizing email, voice, social, calendar, contacts, files and documents. Zimbra also performs pretty well, offering most of the features of Microsoft Outlook, as well as easily connecting to social media favorites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.