Electronic Document Management: Break Your Ink and Paper Addiction Forever

on Monday, 29 April 2013

Faster, cheaper, and easier sound nice, don't they? Especially when they apply to your business. Well, those are exactly what only a handful of the benefits of electronic document management are. Break your addiction to ink and paper forever by using an electronic document management system.

Getting Organised

Electronic document management systems are incredibly simple and easy to understand. They are basically pieces of software that allow you to collect, capture, and organize documents in a digital or electronic form. While some systems only capture electronic images of the documents, the very best can recognize characters and translate the documents into actual editable text. Most systems also include a stylus so that you can sign and date documents or otherwise include your actual handwriting in the digital final product.

Get Speedy

The biggest benefit of using electronic document management for your business is that it is faster and easier to use than its traditional counterpart. No more fussing with ink, pens, paper, or prints. No more fussing with fax machines or traditional scanners. When you use electronic document management, the finished product is automatically stored in your system for easy access on any company computer, tablet, or smartphone. Yes, that's right, with electronic document management systems you can even access all of your important business documents while you're on the go, from the convenience of your smartphone.

Get Rid of the Paper Clutter

Electronic document management is also cheaper than paper and ink document management. For one thing, it cuts away the expenses associated with paper once and for all. It does the same for ink, pens, and printing costs. Furthermore, because it is quicker and more efficient to use, it also cuts down on billable time for tasks that once took as much as three times as long.

Finally, organization and security are two more benefits of electronic document management that simply cannot be overlooked. When your important business files are stored in a secure digital environment, they can't be lost or tampered with. Furthermore, you can pull them up at a moment's notice as soon as you need them. No more wading through stacks of paper or file upon file of documents.

Tried and Tested on Critical Services

Electronic document management systems are currently being used in a wide range of sectors and industries. However, they are, perhaps, most commonly used in the medical field. The reason for this is that electronic document management improves the productivity and efficiency of hospitals where large amounts of vital information is processed each and every day.

At the end of the day, there really is no reason that you should be using ink and paper systems anymore. It's bad for the environment, slow, costly, and unsecure. Basically, it's a thing of the past. If you are in an industry where a vast amount of paperwork must be safely stored, then electronic document management is for you. If you care about the efficiency and success of your business, then electronic document management will likely bring a smile to your face.

Nicole Thomson is an environmentalist that is hoping to cut out waste and the unnecessary removal of trees from our planet. She is also an avid blogger and you can find her articles on various websites. Visit the Ubisys link for more information.

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'Electronic Document Management: Break Your Ink and Paper Addiction Forever'

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