Download Yamidoo Free Premium WordPress theme

on Monday, 1 April 2013

Download Yamidoo WordPress theme

Yamidoo is a magazine style free Premium WordPress theme. The theme can be used on any niche websites even a complex news portal. This theme has a simple layout and it can be easily styled to create the perfect look for your blog. This theme has the best features. Remember, this theme is free on WordPress plat form. Therefore, when you decide to open your own blog or website, make sure that you make Yamidoo your number one option.


Yamidoo has the greatest features that will not only make your website attractive, but it gives you the chance to retain your readers because of its design. Below are some of the features that you will find in Yamidoo theme.

  • The theme offer its users  WordPress zoom options panel
  • The theme has the simplest Custom Menus Management
  • Yamidoo WordPress theme supports Threaded Comments
  • The theme  offer its users Custom Widgets and other features
  • Yamidoo  WordPress theme is SEO friendly and it is SEO Optimized
  • It has a Custom Page Templates
  • The theme is compatible with the latest WordPress theme and the older versions
  • It has a Custom Logo Input
  • The theme has the ability to atomize image re sizing
  • The theme is Internationalized & Localized
  • The theme has been tested and it is compatible with major web browsers like: internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, safari, oprera mini and other major browsers
  • The theme has a Banner Management Section
  • The theme supports Custom Background


This theme is found in there versions. These versions are:

1. The free version: this version is free and it can be used by anyone. Moreover, it can be applied on as many domains as you can. Moreover, the free version of this theme has the above features too.
2. The standard version:  the standard version is bought at a one-time fee. This version is advantageous over the free version. Furthermore, the version is the best for personal projects that you have. It can also be used on as many domains as you have.
3. The developer version: this version has a one-time fee also. However, it is the best over the standard version and it is the best for client projects.

Demo and Download

Demo | Download