10 Things You Must Know About Google Plus

on Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Despite having 500 million registered users, Google Plus is still a great unknown to most of the community 2.0. However, the platform has grown and evolved into what it is today: a great tool for online communication and positioning.

In today's post we will try to make the most what are the 10 things you should keep in mind when it comes to "surrender" to the arms of this social platform.

Google Plus

1. Communities. 've been among the last to arrive, but are positioned as an exciting alternative when identifying groups with similar interests. Thus, we find communities in Spanish, well in excess of 20,000 users, such as the Android OS fans

2. Pages. further functionality to be asked twice, but ultimately did not disappoint. The corporate websites have become the voice of the marks on Google Plus, a place to interact with their fans in an orderly and consistent. In addition, since the pages can create communities and events, which greatly facilitates the work community managers on other platforms must do so under their own identity.

3. Hangouts . Perhaps one of the biggest hits of Google Plus is the ability to make Hangouts between different users of the platform. These meetups, as well as compete with other providers "traditional" video conferencing services have added value, which is none other than power and direct broadcast simultaneously through YouTube channel. To say something "bad" means, except those issued by us on YouTube, you can record conversations in a "direct", although programs like Screencastle

4. Hashtags use . Some progress in our post about the Hashtags, but today we realize something else. If the great value of Google is their search, he could not miss on Google Plus. If we, in addition, we add the ability to make those keywords that interest us, we will multiply exponentially our visibility within the platform.

5. Hootsuite . One of the biggest headaches for Social Media professionals was the inability to manage Google Plus from a client platform, as if it could be done with other networks like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. In this sense, Hootsuite's friends have "paved" the road to allow corporate management pages of Google Plus. It still has much room for improvement (not allowed to mention other users and can not be managed or communities or profiles), but is a first step that will surely others in the not too distant

6. Mobile App . If a company that has the most used mobile operating system in the world would not have cared to enhance their own products for these terminals is that something strange was happening. How could it be otherwise, Google Plus is present in both Android and iOS devices, which maintains great functionality, especially the possibility of issuing easing Hangouts at any time.

7. The +1 button . Precursor of Google Plus was himself +1 Button, a figure that was created to rival the famous "Like" on Facebook and soon won a major share of power in any SEO strategy. We can do a +1 to a post on Google Plus, but also served a banner through adwords, or a website that we liked. This has a positive influence when profiles and position our products in the most important Internet search

8. Statistics . If before that alab√°bamos Google Plus as efficiently integrate with Android, now we talk about how strange it is that a company can create Google Analytics offers yet own activity statistics generated in Google Plus. Therefore, if we want to have some kind of reference we turn to external platforms, as mesured Simply , we provide basic data on our pages and profiles.

9. Integration with Google Places . One of the main window to the world of SME 2.0 "at street level" was his presence in Google Places, geolocation platform of Google. However, with the arrival of Google Plus and the integration of Places in this the possibilities multiply even more, hence the importance of having a presence on the social network ordered finder Mountain View.

10. Vanity URL. has long announced that Google Plus will allow customizing the URLs of both profiles and pages, matching well to Facebook. However, the process has been slow and has not been popular, so today we must turn to external shorteners if we want to "beautify" our web address. From here we recommend Gplus.to , one of the first-and most reliable-they left.