Top 6 online games for 2013

on Wednesday, 27 March 2013

online games for 2013

Online games relaxes your mind, body and soul to the core. These games give you the biggest source of addiction. Hence, users are going to enjoy to the fullest as well. These games are synonymous with innovative concepts and have coveted themes. Following is the list of the top 6 online games for 2013. You will literally have a blast as you play them since they are synonymous with enhanced and sophisticated features. You are going to experience thrill, adventure as these games have series of action packed moments.


This is the game which besides been quite interesting, tests you ability as well. Being a puzzled based game, you need to have a quick thinking ability, in order to be in the game. Hence, the game gives you enough reasons to sharpen and polish your mind as well. Therefore, you are in a better position to make decisions in the best possible way.

Trivia Machine

There are various categories in the game and you can test your skills according to your preferred category such as movie, music and history. You can choose skills based on your capability in the form of elementary, genius and scholar. The games are the best bet to give you the biggest source of relaxation. Hence, do check them out.

Monkey Island

This game is nothing short of an addiction. You just need to play this game just once and you will be addicted to the same to the core. This game requires you to perform to your optimum by fitting pieces of land together so that it can be saved from the wrath of monkeys. Hence, the game gives you a better thinking ability which assists you in practical life as well.

Speed Racing

The game has captivating graphics as it is based on a racing game. You are supposed to drive the car. While you play the game, you will be on your toes for ever. This is the game which is suitable for people of all ages. Hence, try this out. You are surely going to love it as well.


The game is exclusively meant for the tiny tots. It is quite entertaining for small children. They are just supposed to move the mouse. They have to navigate a skydriver through the clouds. Hence, get the game if you have kids who are looking for some fun and frolic.

Funky Truck

The name of the game is enough an indication. Being a racing game, you are supposed to climb on hills. Naturally it is a bumpy path and the way you control yourself while navigating further can best to be experienced as well. Hence, there is a lot of thrill and adventure which cannot be described in mere words.

Finally, aforesaid are the Top 6 online games for 2013. Most of them are suitable for all aged people, while some are exclusively meant for kids. These games have given the best possible reasons to experience the thrill like never before.


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