SharePoint – A Multifunctional Business Tool

on Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SharePoint is an innovative Microsoft software platform and range of products which are designed for sharing, collaboration and web publishing. It’s a popular tool for offices due to its intranet capabilities and it has many functions which can be beneficial for shared users in a business environment. Here’s a closer look at some of the many benefits of using SharePoint for business.

Sharing and Publishing.

The main advantage of using SharePoint for business is its easy user interface. Creating a SharePoint site is extremely straightforward and the program gathers together a range of features which can be used by even a complete beginner. A SharePoint site administrator can make easy customisations, edits and more within minutes and publish a site perfect for the business’ needs. This can also be a significant way of saving cash.

Tailored User Experience

Users can access their content in a straightforward way of their choice via SharePoint. Users can enjoy a highly customised web experience using features from the product such as audience targeting, multilingual user interfaces and user profiles and tags.

Wide Platform Coverage

Sites can be accessed via most browsers and devices without the sites looking out of line or any layout problems occurring whatsoever. It’s a great option with the growth of mobile computing and users can also access SharePoint back office through a specific app installed on Windows mobile devices.

Lists & Libraries

SharePoint offers huge lists and libraries facilities. This is a great development for large organisations with many offices as users can access files from other offices with ease. These libraries have very large holding capacities and this reduces the costs of infrastructure developments for large businesses and even smaller ones with work at home employees.

SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint Workspace gives users local and offline access to lists and libraries. This means site owners can view, edit and modify lists and libraries whenever necessary. Another benefit of this is when making edits the site will only synch changes rather than whole files, saving bandwidth.


MySites is a tool that many SharePoint users consider crucial as it gives users super quick access to their own content, user profile and social networking channels. Users can customise, personalise and target their pages depending on the needs and roles of users within the organisation. MySites also features a newsfeed widget which means users can keep an eye on all updates which are relevant to their specific role.

Integrates Apps

As a Microsoft product, this product includes Office App integration. This is one of its most attractive features as the site owner has the ability to share any Office file via their site, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint presentations. It’s a great way of sharing database information via Access too. Office Web Apps create a familiar user experience and the ability to make edits and updates in a way which the user is used to.

These are just some of the many uses of SharePoint and it’s one of the leading intranet based tools used by businesses today.

Ian Lucksmith is a SharePoint consultant from Leeds. He’s worked with many leading agencies including and continues to show companies how the product can improve their business efficiency.